Ive been receiving alot of emails lately involving questions about Rune, and i'd like to share them with you in this new FAQ section called "Ask Skiz" =)

I need to know who to make maps available on the server side so peeps dont have have the maps on their machine to join my server!
If you have the map installed, whoever is joining automatically downloads it when they come in. You dont have to do anything special.. except wait. Some computers can take up to 5 minutes to join a game if their connection is slow.
thanks...is there anything special I need to do about the skins? Seems like everytime I host a game and I have a new skin, now one can see me?
Yes, the skins are different, you need to add a line in your rune.ini file for each skin added. When you download a skin, open the .txt file (text file) and read the specific instructions on where to place the line. Usually the line will read similar to this one: serverpackages=biohazard Just copy and paste it right under the other serverpackages line, i think this area is in the [engine.gameEngine] area which is the 3rd or 4th section in the rune.ini file. Check the .txt file just to be sure. This makes it so whoever joins your game is able to see your new skin, but it does not give the skin to them, they must download it. :{MR}:Dragonskiz

MacRune tells me ya kept a spot open for me tonight. Thank you, but I tried for over two hours and nothing happened. I could see who was in and it was almost never full. Always like one under max or something. Can1t understand it (and yes, I did refresh very often). Do I need a special map/mod or password or something? When I go to join your server the game just goes back to the main menu screen and nothing happens(not even connection info). Can you help me? Me is sad :(
Yeah, i tried to leave a few spots open for you from 9:30 - 10:00, i saw you in the chaos server.. I wish there was some way to message you... Theres no password to join my server.. the only requirement is automatic, when you join my server, your computer automatically downloads all the skins that i have so u can see them if i choose to be that skin, and you automatically download the map and mutator that i am currently using. The only problem i can see here, would be if my game was full already, or it could possibly be a memory issue. try restarting your comp and then joining the game. Do u have this problem joining any other servers?
Well... Tried again tonight and waited 25 minutes to DL everything and when it finnaly finished; I blew up...
Oh no! Its probably because i closed the server before u could get in =( What type of internet connection are u running? 56k?
yes... ahrggg
i more thing.. you should be able to connect to my server with your 56k modem. I am on cable modem. All that means is your download rate will be slower than the others, so downloading the skins beforehand should help alot.
Was wondering if there was someplace to download all the stuff I need to get onto your server BEFORE I try hooking up? Last night was again very frustrating because there it was, big as life... 3LAST NIGHT FOR :{MR}: TOURNEY2 and could not make a connection. Only had the chance to duel with one member 3Scarface2 from our clan during the whole tourney :-( Also, in your last e-mail you asked if I was on dail-up. Is there some reason that because I am in fact on dial-up that that is why I cant join your server? Seems that most of :{MR}: hangs out there from what I see. Shame that I cannot be included...
The only thing with my server that you may have to be downoading is the skins. I am constantly updating my server to have the entire collection of skins available for rune. What you are downloading when you join, is the ability to see the new skins when you enter my server. You can skip this step by downloading them yourself (which also lets you use the skins on my server) from here: runecenter skins Also, when u want to join my server, look at the far right area of the listing to see how many slots are open and how many are available (example 4/5, or 2/2) sometimes when i am playing a tournament i only have 2 maximum, so there is less lag. Exactly what is happening when you try to join? Id like to help you get in my server. once you get in the first time, repeat visits wont take long at all.
I always check to see how many peeps are on the servers. I don't try to join if they are full, of course. I'm gonna DL those skins today.

OK-- here's your answers to the best of my knowledge:
Can you let me know where to find the arena map I have in mind?
Actually that map sounds cool, but ive never seen it before..
Can you give me any configuration tips for controlling lag?
Limit your mutators for less lag-- 1 or 2 maximum Dont allow spectators to join the game. Limit amout of players that are able to join the game. I only let 4-6 players in for peak performance
Do you have any other server admin command line information other than what is mentioned on your web site? - I know a few of them, mostly becuase of macrune.com.
only the ones at macrune.com, but if i get others ill post them on my website within a few days.
Is there a way to get more then 16 players per game?
that many players will create alot of lag, i wouldnt suggest it..
What is the best resource for skins, maps, and mods for Rune?
Thanks for your help. I think that I found the map I was looking for on the ROH website. I think it is called steelcage or cagematch or something like that!
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