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Screen Shots


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100 Frags

This guy's got some big feet!

Ahh, so beautiful..

Not a good place to be hit with a sword..

Arena match or Band practice? you decide.

A view of 1 on 1 arena from "the hidden forest"

Mark standing on my head with no arms

A funny no-armed taunt

The Final Kill VS. Irongod:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

The Final Kill VS MacRune:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

A viking with body pieces on the ground

Me with TigerSkin and no arms

The final Kill VS Viggen:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

The final Score VS Viggen:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

A viking with no arms

The final kill vs. Yyrkoon:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

The final score vs. Yyrkoon:::TOURNAMENT 1 SHOT:::

The famous Tiger vs. wally shot as seen on Runecenter and ROH websites.

Burning Fatboy!!

Hildir win shot 1

Hildir win shot 2

Hildir win shot 3

Hildir win shot 4

Battle of the Mini's!!

The ending score of the Smashpit level

Half stone-half tiger

Up close of the Tigerking

TigerKing upclose part 2