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Download 1 on 1 arena V.2

1 on 1 Arena V.2
The best 1v1 honor map. This version has "llama protection", attacking in the middle weapons area will not cause damage.

Bonus map pack
Human Head
Two new DM levels created by Human Head for the Rune bonus pack. These two maps were created by Human Head studios and released as a bonus map pack for Rune. Install these as a mod.

dm - candlekeep
A large castle (keep) with walls all around. This map is med size and takes place in a keep. Worth the download!


dm - barbrawl
Shane Eraas
A small map that takes place in a viking tavern. This map is a small map that was designed for fast paced DM action!

dm - sparring dojo
Nefir Nefarious
A small map great for the 1vs1 or Arena mod. This map is great for testing your 1vs1 fighting skills against friends over a lan or online.

dm - stadius
An arena style map featuring a pit trap. My first official release, a pure DM Arena style map. No powerups feature in this map to keep the mele only theme of the official Rune arenas. The map is styled on Roman Gladiator arenas and features a fully functional pit trap.

Kores Coliseum
This map is one of the best Arena maps I have ever seen in my entire time with Rune, this map is a must want.

dm - great hall 2
An updated version of great hall. This is version 2 of Great Hall. It has a few fixes in the map.

dm - dwarven
A well made small map. This map takes place in a bar or barn house. There are many rooms in which you can hide to avoid your enemy.

DM Temple Arena
Instructions: Put the map in your maps dir. c:/rune/maps Notes: This Is ma First Map...Need Feedback... Tell Me How I Did. Textures Needed: Icenitex (now included)

Lord Scanman
Reviewer: Khaine
As the name suggests it is an arena map, and now I can hear you all say: "oh well... just another arena map", but you'd be REALLY wrong to judge it like that... Because this one must be the best arena map I've played until now (and I've played them all!). It has great textures with a brilliant sky and sun effect, topnotch gameplay and a few traps to boot. It works equally well for 1 on 1 duels as for melee mayhem up to 12 players. So if you like arenas, do not hesitate a single second: You won't get much better than this! And don't forget that name: Lord Scanman, he has obviously a brilliant future in the Rune mapping community...

dm arena2
A small action packed arena map! This is intended to be a 2 player arena-style deathmatch map, and the weapons are placed the way they were on purpose. So grab your weapon(s) of choice and head down the elevator to your doom.

dm - valley
A simple 2 - 6 player map. This map is runs along the same path throughout the whole map. Low on detail which makes for easy gameplay.

Steve "SoulSaver" Maisch
Reviewer: Khaine
It's not everyday that you get a map with a special theme and athmosphere be it for Rune or any online fps, but HauntedManor belongs to this category of maps. Due to the well chosen textures and sound effects you get the weird feeling of being in an haunted mansion and, despite the fact that vikings may seem a bit out of place in such an environment, you get caught in this map... It is a must have for any self respecting Rune gamer! Number of players: 6-8 Textures required: Hauntedtex.utx (included) Zonk.utx (included)

Zonk is to my knowledge the first Rune fan to release his own DM map for the game. Read on and find out if the map has what it takes. This map takes place in Odin's Hall of Valhalla. This is where the dead prepared for the final battle of Ragnarok. The map it self is great for fast paced bone crushing action because of its size. It's fairly open with not to many obstacles to hide or get lost in which could be taken either way as good or bad. The placement of weapons throughout the map is great and ties in well with the maps atmosphere. Zonk uses some of his own textures throughout the map which fit in great with their surroundings. Overall this is a well made map and worth the download!

dm - duelers arena
This is a basic arena map. What I've noticed on public servers is people calling for singles duel friendly maps. The basic construction of this arena is to compliment singles dueling. But I have also made it large enough to handle general melees' as well. If you have any suggestions for additions you'd like to see added to this map. Please email the above address. This is my first released Rune map, and to boot, really the first map I've ever released, since most of my UT maps I didn't really consider worth releasing (/me is a perfectionist). I hope you enjoy this map. I know myself, and the beta testers did.

Mods & Mutators


Download Regen after Kill

Regen after Kill
The best mutator for 1 on 1 honor fights. Replenishes your energy after each kill. Use with the default "lower weapon damage" mutator and your good to go.

Download DungeonMaster 0.5 Beta


A class-based, medieval fantasy mod for Rune.
For more information, visit the dungeonmaster website

Capture the torch mod v .6
A Capture the Flag mod for Rune. Version .6

Sark Match
These are a collection of skins for people who want a fast paced Rune game. Each skin has 200 health, jumps very high and moves quite fast. I hope people enjoy how fast it makes the game flow. =). There were specific requests for a sarkmatch kind of game, so this is an attempt at that.

Lightsaber mod
Noticed that someone was clamoring for a lightsaber mutator on the other day, so I idly started putting together a few disparate bits ( sounds, etc. ) in the hopes that I could easily put it together once the game was out. Lucky for me, the "Vampire" effect for the Viking Broadsword closely mirrors the basic functions of what I wanted to do, so I could throw together something easy for all of the SW nuts out there. I figured I'd include the source to what I did, and let anyone else out there have some fun messing around with what's there - I am by no means a US wiz, and would love to find out why certain things are happening, ie: Dropped sabres are replicating There seems to be a memory leak or a game slowdown partway through.

Rune Arena Mod
The main thing this mod does is add a new multiplayer game type called Rune Arena. This game type, while doing the things listed above, has another more important function. As players log into the server they are put in a line. The 2 players at the front of the line face each other in single combat. Both players start with all weapons, the best available shield and maximum health. The winner of the round has his health replenished and fights the next combatant in line. The loser goes to the back of the line and waits for a chance to redeem himself.

Rune startup logos
Bored of the old Rune startup logo? Download some new ones.

Weapon Mod
Four server-side mutators which can control which weapons to be used in a match.

Nordic Storm V.0.15
This is the sequel to the popular Nordic Storm Rune Modification. It offers and interface that more resembles Counter-Strike by Valve Software. Download and Enjoy!

The Goblin Killer v2.0
Brian 'Buddy' Mayberry
To play film, simply click on the file, no need to unzip!

SabreMatch Mod for Rune.

ChooseWeapon Mutator
This is a simple mutator that allows a serveradmin to specify a set of weapons and a shield that players will start out with. You could, for example, start out all players with a viking broad sword, a Viking axe, and a goblin shield. Or you could start them out with ALL weapons and a dwarven battle shield. This let's you have a last man standing style weapons system in Rune, but would also allow you to exclude weapons that you don't want available.

Throw Match Mod
Throw Match Mod by Blog

Random Weapons Mutator
This mutator gives a random weapon and maybe a shield to the players every time they respawn. They are based in a the-better-the-harder algorythm so getting the shields are the easier to get, and the best/worst ones are harder. The players spawn with the hand axe too, I don't know how to get rid of it... anyhow, it's not such a problem, it still gives the playerssomething to throw to each other without being defenseless upon start.