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Clan MacRune


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May 2, 2002- I am no longer an active player of Rune, and therefore I am no longer involved in Clan MacRune or As of this date does not exist and all email addresses are no longer working. Please do not contact me regarding Clan MacRune. Thanks.

Clan MacRune is not a clan in the sense of challenging other clans in battle. Clan :{MR}: was started by Yyrkoon so that Macintosh users would be able to recognize each other online.

There are no requirements for joining MacRune other than owning a Macintosh. If you are already in a clan but would still like to get to know your fellow Macintosh Rune players, we are now accepting "duel citizenship.

Clan MacRune members in the traditional sense of a clan should continue to place the :{MR}: tag in front of your game-name. Clan MacRune members that are already in a clan but would still like to be on the mailing list and socialize with other macintosh Rune players may add the :{MR}: tag to the end of their game-name.

MacRune does not have any kind of skill test to join. We welcome all Macintosh users of all clans to join us in the spirit of fun and a shared interest in Mac gaming.

Please email or for more information and a macrune email address.







2001 :{MR}: Members
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